It’s not ‘absurd’ for EU citizens to feel secure in the UK

A constituent writes to the Foreign Secretary over his and Theresa May’s post-Brexit haggling with people’s lives

The following is a letter sent to Philip Hammond MP, the Foreign Secretary, from one of his constituents, after he echoed Theresa May in saying the right of EU citizens living in the UK to stay here was on the table in Brexit negotiations, and should not be guaranteed. 


Dear Mr Hammond,

I am writing, as your constituent, to express my serious concern over the comments you made to a number of media outlets on 4 July regarding the future status of the two million EU citizens currently residing in the UK.

Rather than committing yourself to a strong pro-European stance at this crucial time, you followed in the footsteps of Theresa May in stating that the rights of these EU citizens would be up for negotiation.

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