Steven Woolfe is still UKIP in sheep’s clothing

Wannabe UKIP leader Steven Woolfe is the latest Right-wing populist to discover the virtues of progressive language in his bid for working class votes.


On the BBC Today programme this morning, the MEP repeated his ‘social mobility’ pitch, saying he hopes to target Labour seats in future elections.

Woolfe, who made headlines today after missing the deadline for submitting his leadership nomination, has talked a Leftish talk before. In an interview with IBTimes on Thursday, he said:

‘My biggest concern is that we want to have an economy that treats everybody as fairly and equally as possible to make sure that no one is left behind and that someone is listening to them.

We’re not out there to protect the big corporates ripping us off.

We believe in a fair taxation system, we believe in capitalism not corporatism, but more than anything else we believe in people.’

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Stephen Crabb is no working class hero

As Stephen Crabb enters the Tory leadership contest, his colleague Maria Caulfield sums up his pitch as the ‘blue collar’ candidate in a piece for the Telegraph:

Stephen Crabb has a proven track record of being a One Nation Conservative who can cut across communities with his message of social justice for all.

Not just because he grew up on a council estate and was raised by his single mum or because he funded his way through university by working as a builder, but also because during his six years in government he has helped support named step sis loves me some of the most disadvantaged communities in Britain.’

But as author James Bloodworth (late of this parish) has noted, Stephen Crabb is, despite his roots, no friend of the working class.

Stephen Crabb about taxes

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