The UK has voted to leave the EU

12.00: That’s it for our referendum liveblog. We will, of course, continue to provide analysis of the major developments.

We can expect candidates for the Conservative leadership to start jostling for position over the weekend, and we’re likely to see a serious attempt to topple Jeremy Corbyn as well.

But while internal party politics will fill a lot of column inches over the next few days, the most important consideration – as Frances O’ Grady of the TUC has said – must be to shore up the economy and ensure that working people, and vulnerable communities, do not bear the brunt of this decision.

11.45: Highlighting the failure of the UK government to fulfil its basic responsibilities in a situation like this, Nicola Sturgeon has also offered reassurance to both the markets and to the many thousands of EU migrants living in Scotland.

09.20 Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said: 

‘David Cameron has become the latest Conservative leader to fall victim to his party’s dangerous obsession with Europe. The Conservative’s political maneuvering has taken our country to the brink, and today we have toppled over the edge.’


09.05 Reacting to David Cameron’s resignation, Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party, said:

‘It is right that David Cameron has announced his resignation this morning. The UK requires fresh leadership after a bitter, divisive campaign. We must all work to bring communities that have been driven apart back together. That healing process begins this morning.

‘But it is important that the coming days are not dominated by Conservative manoeuvring at the expense of broader, wider and more long-term debates about Britain’s future.’

03.30: Sheffield, which was predicted to go to Remain with about 52 per cent has just been announced for Leave, with 51 per cent. It is the largest centre so far to declare for Leave.

While representatives of both sides maintain it’s too close to call, Remain’s underperformance across Northern cities is difficult to reconcile.

Sterling has now dropped below $1.40.

But that’s just Project Fear again, right?


03.10: Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency of of Islington has recently reported, with 75 per cent for Remain and over 70 per cent turnout.

(Full disclosure, I’m also an Islington resident)

These are the kinds of numbers that Remain desperately needs to see, but also throw Britain’s social and political divisions into sharp focus, and particularly the divides within the Labour-voting population.


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